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zaterdag 25 september 2010


Waddup it's ya boy amandapepsi!

First of all: daily dose of dupstep!

Awesome shit!

Well, what are your plans this lovely Saturday? I'm going to some friends and probably just drink some beer and chillaxing while doing absolutely nothing all day long! I love life lol!

Also, have a free info pic!

Damn how do I make it normal size? Ah well I tried. (nvm got it)


14 opmerkingen:

  1. Not a big dubstep fan but this is a pretty awesome song!

  2. Great song and I would say that is an accurate artist rendering of a troll.

  3. HAHA the forum troll pic is funny as all hell nice music taste btw

  4. This sounds spot on. The art itself is really well done, too. I love the shading. :)

  5. hahahaha Love the forum troll pic. Spot on.

  6. Haha the troll is awesome. You've got to pay the troll toll...